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C.M. O. s .r .l.
Stampi pressofusione
33076 Pravisdomini (PN) ITALY
Via Isonzo, 2
Tel + 39 0434 - 644551
Fax + 39 0434 - 644809
email info@cmostampi.it
Web  www.cmostampi.it



C.M.O., a young and modern company specialized in the project and production of dies for the die-casting of light alloys mainly for the motor vehicle, household appliances and electronics industry. During the eighties it was established under the name of Artigiana Stampi; its serious, constant care and its dynamic structure allow it to operate on the european market with excellent profits, making full use ot the technology of its machinery and the coordination and experience of its two owners, Mr.Coral G. and Mr. Pavan R., who have always operated in this field.