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C.M. O. s .r .l.
Stampi pressofusione
33076 Pravisdomini (PN) ITALY
Via Isonzo, 2
Tel + 39 0434 - 644551
Fax + 39 0434 - 644809
email info@cmostampi.it
Web  www.cmostampi.it



The production makes use of high tech machines: high speed pants with 4-5 continuous-axes-pallets and tools exchanger, milling machines, lathes, drilling and boring machines, grinding, wire and plunge electroerosion. that are connected with the CAM stations of the technical department.
The technology of these machines, always up-to-date, and the very frequent training of its staff allow C.M.O. to obtain a first quality product and shorten the delivery time.

The materials used for the die-construction are bought from the best european steelworks in accordance to the Client's requests. All the dies are delivered to the Client together with: the relative certificates of origin - issued by the steel manufacturer -, heat-treatment and, if required, dimensional checks.